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Tee Off for Science Education - Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

Tee Off for Science Education

Join MassBio for our annual Golf Classic to support the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd). Join us for a round of golf, food, drinks, networking and fun — all for an excellent cause!


Friday, September 15, 2017 Rain or Shine!

The International Golf Club, Bolton, MA

7:00 - 7:45 AM Registration, Continental Breakfast & Networking
8:30 AM Shotgun Start - Scramble Format
1:00 PM Networking Cocktail Reception, Auction, Raffles, and Awards

MassBio is pleased to announce that we will host our 23rd Annual Golf Classic to benefit the MassBioEd Foundation on September 15, 2017 at the prestigious The International Golf Club, Bolton, MA.

Funds raised through this charity event support the MassBioEd Foundation, which engages teachers, inspires students and guides the life sciences workforce. MassBioEd's collaborates with the life sciences industry to cultivate a generation of innovators that will be prepared to address the health and scientific challenges of our time and of the future. MassBioEd is poised to deliver best-in-class science education through its unique relationship with MassBio and its more than 975 member companies. Each year, MassBioEd programming reaches more than 10,000 students throughout Massachusetts.


Fee includes 18 holes of golf, shared golf cart, continental breakfast, box lunch, cocktail reception and sponsor gifts.

Twosome, threesome and foursome fees are based on MassBio member and non-Member status of the person who is registering. If the person registering is a MassBio member then each person in the group will be charged the MassBio Member fee. If the person registering is not a MassBio member, then each person in the group will be charged the Non-Member fee.

MassBio Members $375 per person
Non-Members $495 per person
MassBio Member Twosomes $750 per twosome
Non-Member Twosomes $990 per twosome
MassBio Member Threesomes $1125 per threesome
Non-Member Threesomes $1485 per threesome
MassBio Member Foursomes $1500 per foursome
Non-Member Foursomes $1980 per foursome


Pre-purchase your Golf Passport now. The $50 Passport includes 20 Raffle Tickets, 1 Mulligan, 1 Field Goal Entry Shot, and 1 Hole-in-One Entry, a $70 value for $50. Buy one for each golfer now and save time the morning of the tournament!
Note: Purchase of the Passport is not a charitable contribution and is not tax deductible.


The International Golf Club & Resort
159 Ballville Road
Bolton, MA 01740

Register early to ensure your spot on the course!

Registrant Information
Please fill in the information in this section as it pertains to the person who will be billed for this transaction.
First Name*
Last Name*
Job Title*
Zip Code*
MassBio Member*
Selection of Participants

Please complete the information in this section as it pertains to the people who will be attending the tournament.

If you are only purchasing Hole Sponsorship, choose 'Sponsor a Hole Only' in the dropdown below.

If you are only purchasing Hole Sponsorship, choose ‘Sponsor a Hole Only’ in the dropdown below. If you would like to play with a specific group of people, please register golfers together, with one payment. Single golfers and pairs will be placed with other golfers to make complete foursomes.

Who are you registering?*
Total Number of Individuals:*
Total Number of Twosomes:*
Total Number of Threesomes:*
Total Number of Foursomes:*
Total Number of Reception / Auction Attendees*

Individual participant names and contact information will be required by Friday, September 1. Please send all golfer information to: erica.feinberg@massbio.org. If you do not have all participant names at this time, please select the "Placeholder" option for each participant whose information you do not have.


For a sponsorship prospectus that includes pre-event marketing please contact Erica Feinberg at erica.feinberg@massbio.org.

For day-of event marketing
Items Quantity Price Total
Individual MassBio Member $375
Individual Non Member $495
MassBio Member Twosome $750
Non-Member Twosome $990
MassBio Member Threesome $1125
Non-Member Threesome $1485
MassBio New Member Foursome $1250
MassBio Member Foursome $1500
Non-Member Foursome $1980
Reception / Auction $75
Golf Passports $50
Please make us aware of anything else that you think might help us process this application for registration.
Billing Info
Payment Type*
Name on Card* First Name:
Last Name:
Card Number*
Expiration Date*
Billing Address*
Billing City/State/Zip* City:
Note: sponsorship seats are only available for event-wide sponsors -- no complimentary seats are available for hole sponsors.

* Required Field

Your card will not be charged until your application has been accepted.

Please provide all substitutions / name changes by Friday, September 1. PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS PERMITTED after this date.